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Would that I THINK THEREFORE I AM thing still work if you had no instinct or emotion ?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 780027
United Kingdom
09/26/2009 08:06 AM
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Would that I THINK THEREFORE I AM thing still work if you had no instinct or emotion ?
I mean lets say you lost everything but your memory and your brain power, I mean lets say we even removed the whole being subject to death thing.
So your like a conscious brain floating in a jar or you were downloaded onto a backed up hard drive or something equal or equivalent to the cognitive processing power you originally had...whatever! however you imagine it doesnt matter, just think about equating the whole I THINK THEREFORE I AM to reality, does that actually make sense? not what I just said but the actual saying, is it correct?
I mean come on what people think and why at any given moment is influenced by countless things and chief among them is instinct and emotion not to mention the whole awareness of death and the fragility of life thing?
I dont think I can count half the things that are essential to my thought process never mind define what those things are, I mean do people really know why or control what they think anymore than they control their emotions ? I mean lets say if I slapped you in the face without warning undoubtedly your first reaction would be surprise and no one would blame you for being angry or upset, its a perfectly natural and human knee jerk response, my point is your brain would kick in and start working in exactly the same way, more under the influence of the emotion caused or an instinct triggered by a certain incident or situation rather than the actual situation itself.
You know what I'm trying to say here?