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Message Subject 10 Ways the U.S. Military Has Shoved Christianity Down Muslims' Throats
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let me add to that,

I find it utterly discusting to read how not only the US invaded two sovereign countries,
based on LIES and falsefied evidence of non-existing WMDs
what I find even more apoling is that they commited such horrific warcrimes there, torture people and kill whatever comes in sight
but this makes it even more discusting: now they even use religion to justify their illegal wars! That makes it obviously a very easy mission to convince the religious masses of the extreme right of their just cause. And some dumbass hardly educated soldiers with the same religious backgrounds may even fall for such crap.
But it just shows the total disrespect of the American governments of teh last 9 years for muslims whatsoever.

To commit a new crusade, after so many hundreds of years, is in fact a crime against humanity. And the US government, the US army and the US soldiers who commit these crimes should all be prosecuted for this and held accountable!

wars for oil is absolutely unacceptable and criminal
wars for religion is even worse! It is barbaric and savage and inhuman!

This will certainly NOT bring 'democracy to the poor Iraqi's and Afghani's' but will set up a rage and an anger towards the USA and the west in general that is unstoppable and beyond anything the US can controle or imagine. And I say this ONLY as an analysis of teh situation.
But thes epeople, all thes emillions of people will want revenge because the US did not only invade, murder, torture, steal, rob and rape, but also tries to eliminate an entire culture and that surely is unforgiveable!
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