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Message Subject 10 Ways the U.S. Military Has Shoved Christianity Down Muslims' Throats
Poster Handle DSP
Post Content
I'm in the military and this sort of shit makes me sick. It's ridiculous.

it sure is!!! I wonder how you can even think
about staying in the military! By the way, you sure read extremely fast, the article is very long, and the videos and all that... amazing!

Yeah, I'm a very fast reader.

It isn't just muslims' throats they're shoving religion down, it's also the people in the military. Sure, they aren't being overtly christian anymore, but it's still monotheistic as fuck.

Every official ceremony opens with an invocation by a chaplain, which calls upon God for a blessing. Spirituality is heavily encouraged by the DoD and Air Force. Everything in the military is centered around religion.

And this comes as a surprise to you?

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Remember? In God We Trust? One Nation under God?

You act is if that is some new concept being forced down your throat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 773680

'In god we trust' first appeared on coins in 1864. 'One nation under god' first came on the scene in 1954.

Furthermore, the United States may have had some Judeo-Christian beliefs, but the founding fathers themselves agreed that America was not a Christian nation.
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