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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati IMMUNE to KARMA?
Poster Handle VVizz
Post Content
Does anyone have some insights as to why the illuminati are immune to karma and never reap what they sow?

Can anyone explain why they have been not only getting away with what they do but they have been increasingly successful?

Are they without souls, or have they found a way to subvert nature?

All comments are welcome.

 Quoting: Mr. P 526155

Every Soul choose his/her own path.
There is no punishment in Multiverse.

Karma is a misunderstanding.

However, soon or later a Soul decides to repair the dammage
made to their fellow. Becauses the Ego comes to the conclusion, they did only hurt themselves.

However this is a choice. Not something which is imposed.

Currently there are only a few real Illuminati on Earth.
The others are claims only.

All the Best,

VVizz of Ur
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