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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati IMMUNE to KARMA?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is level 2 of the game. You cannot have good without the evil. It is free will realm. Nobody gets away with anything. Do you understand those men have lost their souls? Life is short because this is a negative realm. This is the price paid after Adam and Eve fell from heaven. The illuminati will never see heaven. After you get a little older, materials really start to mean nothing. Job starts to mean nothing. Everything down here is vanity and fruitless. All designed to keep you from going to the higher realm of heaven.

Would you rather have a jet or fly like Superman? Where the saved are going, you don't need roads but you can have a vehicle still that doesn't run on gas.

Nobody gets away with anything down here. Looks are deceiving. Those men know their fates. They haven't slept good since they made the pact. Money can't fix that or cover that.

I feel pity for many of them. I didn't used to, but I am learning about having forgiveness and compassion because really nothing here matters accept pleasing God and doing his will. This is what is needed to go to heaven. All roads lead to God. Every knee in human history will bow and confess Yeshua is our Lord and King!

He truly is the MOST INTERESTING MAN. Look what he's done for us. Gave us free will and we're still dispicable losers as whole. This is why the Illuminati are here. God will use them to punish the wicked. It does not mean they get away with anything. Thier sins have offered them up to hell, they traded their birthrights.

Do you see?
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