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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati IMMUNE to KARMA?
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Does anyone have some insights as to why the illuminati are immune to karma and never reap what they sow?

Can anyone explain why they have been not only getting away with what they do but they have been increasingly successful?

Are they without souls, or have they found a way to subvert nature?

All comments are welcome.

 Quoting: Mr. P 526155

The practise of black magic, satanic rituals, and any kind of occult practise that circumvents your natural spiritual cycle, to traverse into a different karmic field, is spiritual suicide.

This has serious karmic effects.

Spiritual vibrations, in the post-death spiritual existence is pure. So in effect a person who dabbles in the occult and uses satanic human sacrifice to enlist the powers of an entity (lost human soul) to enhance his or her life is going against the laws of spirituality.

This has serious karmic repercussions.
God doesn't forbid you to do this, obviously , going by all the people who enlist the services of the occult, but that does not mean its good for you.

THe soul of a person who practices the occult and uses para-normal energy forces has to face the karmic consequences. There is no escaping this. IT may take him a 1000 years to pay it back, and resume normal spiritual life.

Just think that even a small spiritual 'crime' like helping others to wipe out your sins is considered, in the spiritual world as a sin or a spiritual crime.
Why then would the greatest of human crimes like using demonic forces be exempt???

There is no feeling like letting go, being simple, and trusting in the God that made you. This is so eternally powerful.

Trust. Thats it. Religions call it FAITH.
Be strong.
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