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Message Subject Cervical cancer vaccine as deadly as cancer
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I advised my friend, she just had her child thousands of miles away to not get it-she called me as she knows my background-she is not into radical science...sound science suits her

I would not get it

and many my age already have been exposed...sadly

The vaccine makers/sorcerers...have stated "it MAY help prevent certain forms of it..."

define "MAY"

(PHARMA =SORCERY-research the Greek word origin-KNOW THE TRUTH)


then again IT may not...I WILL PASS

I have informed my family members who do not know to ask me or another in the family...training counts for a lot...

My daughters will not get it...even my adult one will not get it...

It is WISE to be FULLY INFORMED especially if one is ready to take it...know the truth not the PR

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