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Message Subject Cervical cancer vaccine as deadly as cancer
Poster Handle ~:*Winnie*:~
Post Content
The vaccine has also been implicated with fertility issues, I think recently published(for those who survive the vaccine)

Research it-I will not pull my link-simple education-my health and my family are my immediate concerns...then I also help many others I do not know...

If ones' health is on the line-best to be well informed as all the dangerous facts WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED READILY

Remember VIOXX-many months after they knew it was causing deaths they kept it on the market a bit longer...even with lawsuits-it they are unethical, an immediate windfall is in their hands...a few lawsuits settled 5-7 yrs out-NO WORRIES for them-Lawsuits from these cases are still in the system...they figure they can outlast you or your funds...Pharma is truly an evil spirit

Herb from the Most High is sacred...and in this twisted matrix up is down and war is peace...sickness is health...Mink freak??? Mind F*** is more like it F Under Consent of the King-consent to feed us deadly poisons...or inject them into you...since they have not perfected a soul extractor-this is the best they can do...chipping the public using readers...as it seems they think the public is that stupid they will not be able to relay a history...need to NANNY you into subservience

and with the IMMUNITY laws Obama strengthened...well, tough luck for whomever is the way it will be played

I assure you...

prozac =FLUORIDE =RAT POISON...hmm hmm good...zombies everywhere love it...

yrs ago changing "behavior" disordered(which came out of Learning Disabled) they changed it under the shrub Jr to "emotional disorder" and changing the military bases to "treatment centers"...for the mentally "ill" and then forced treatment will be so much easier...PHARMA mainly authored the H.R 3200

How many know that???
 Quoting: ShadowDancer

agreed. big pharma runs this planet, biggest poison EVER!

some of us know - most just refuse to see sadly.

also back to the girl with 'cancer' that suddenly and without symptoms killed her at almost the exact same time that she had a vaccination, surely she isnt the ONLY child with cancer (undetected) that has had this vaccine? is there a warning on the bottle? warning - do not use if cancer is suspected.?

yeh, right, course she did, they must think we fell off last years xmas tree!
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