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History Channell, Nuking Washington, D.C., Prophecy, Muslims preaching the Gospel Of Jesus Christ

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United States
10/05/2009 02:49 PM
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History Channell, Nuking Washington, D.C., Prophecy, Muslims preaching the Gospel Of Jesus Christ
Are we suppose to worship DC?

The only ones with bombs like that is DC. They're not going to blow up themselves rather inject you with toxic waste.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 785199

We have overwhelmingly proved that they want to inject us with toxic substances and waste. However, they do want to blow "themselves" up, but only just at the right time, when there is no more use to them for our current systems of government. They won't even be blowing themselves up, because the ones that are part of the agenda and that were meant to survive through it to become part of the power-elite can easily just not be in those cityz that get destroyed by nuclear-devices. This would do to the mindz of the sheeple what 9/11 did to their mindz, but except that this effect would be magnified by like hundreds of times, because their very survival is now on the line, and let'z face it, major cityz being mostly destroyed from nuclear devices is hundreds of times worse than 9/11 ever was. This would truly create chaos, but the Illuminati has their mantra of having order out of chaos. They will be able to roll-in their new order/era of which they have been clamouring for hundreds of years to be finally implementing this into place. This also is incredibly prophetic in a very profound way, and people will begin to recognize what happens as being Biblically-prophetic, and the revelation of God to mankind will became greater and greater as the time goes on, this revelation of God to mankind will become more and more accelerated. Many people that have never ever believed in God will begin to believe, and many people whom have believed certain doctrines for all of their whole entire lives will finally begin to change their thoughts of what they have thought to be the truth for so very long now. Unfortunately though, the majority of mankind will still be defiant against God and will not accept God, let alone His Son Jesus Christ.

However, God did say, "Surely I will pour-out my Spirit on all of mankind." Now, most people will still reject this Spirit because they won't recognize how it is being worked in their lives, but many many millionz will be called by this Spirit, called to the truths. I am seeing a very major shift, as now we are witnessing something we have never witnessed before, and that is of many Muslims preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is truly phenomenal because it is very incredibly rare to see Muslims sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and now there is suddenly an influx of instances where this is spreading and becoming a movement. Now, I'm not saying that CBN is a perfect organization that is giving us all of the truths, because they are not, but they do show us amazing thingz that are going on all around the world, and I don't mean the healingz and stuff that the ministers and preachers seem to pronounce onto people, but I mean thingz like Muslims preaching the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, which is such a shift from what we normally see. Islam first came about in the 7th century A.D., 7 centuryz after the time that Jesus Christ walked on this Earth. Much of that faith has come about because of Satan and his minions of demons putting this in the mindz of weak-minded individuals, but believable enough to the people whom were being influenced that they created Islam. Now, I don't know what the Quran actually says regarding women and killing the infidels and all of that stuff, but no matter what is in the Quran, Satan and his demons have twisted and perverted Islam even further than how it already was when it was created. Please don't assume that all Muslims want Americans and others to die, it is certainly true that many of them do, maybe even a majority, I just cannot know the percentage of them, but just don't assume that all or even most Muslims (in terms of the civilians and ordinary citizens) have hatred towardz America, because many of them desire peace between everybody on this Earth but they tend to listen to the leaders in power, which is why many of them follow what they say and wish death upon America.


User ID: 29705895
United Kingdom
03/17/2013 02:58 PM
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Re: History Channell, Nuking Washington, D.C., Prophecy, Muslims preaching the Gospel Of Jesus Christ
I wish death on America, Thailand, philippines, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Europe and I am sure many other nations that I am not aware of at the moment.
Unless I get what I want I will seek genocide.
I guess I am a Muslim , that does depend on interpretation.
I will settle for mass deaths without genocide, followed by selective segregation, banning beast images, genocide of journalists, sacrifices of billions of children and 1000 years of ongoing torture of all inhabitants on this planet.
I may change my mind in the future, but the world is better off without me to be honest.
Nuking America is fine, followed by France and the UK, Italy must burn, philippines will go up in a volcano outburst, thailand just needs a good culling and others to be added as I see fit.
This will quench my first for baby sacrifizes for a while.

User ID: 18016289
United States
03/17/2013 03:04 PM
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Re: History Channell, Nuking Washington, D.C., Prophecy, Muslims preaching the Gospel Of Jesus Christ
You haven't seen anything yet.

First, Muslims preach the Gospels.

Second, the church will call on the faithful to return to the commandments of Jesus.

This will cause a rift in the church.

Those who are in bed with the nations will perish with the nations, those who return to the commandments will be persecuted for a time, but will emerge victorious.

Rome will be destroyed once all this is accomplished, and a new Kingdom will rise from the ashes.

From this kingdom, what is left of the world will be judged, and rebuilt as it was in the beginning.

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