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Not only cell phones cause cancer !

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Puerto Rico
10/15/2009 09:21 AM
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Not only cell phones cause cancer !
[link to alertnet.org]

WIFI frequency allocations are on GENOCIDE Microwave Oven frequency .

Microwave ovens 2.450GHz

WIFY Brain frying 2.4GHZ to 2.480GHZ (11 chanels )

first this units came under 3 milliwatts but now its one to ten watts no one cares with 24 DB antennas to fry anything biological on its path.

get a Microwave oven meter in any store and use to measure your wireless network at work .

If its in RED you are being Cooked alive and showly to a cancer or to a brain dead zombie !


Microwaves, like other radio waves, are a form of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are wavelike oscillations of electric and magnetic fields. Electric fields are what makes electric charges attract or repel. Positive or negative electric charges produce electric fields which in turn act on other charges. In a similar way, magnetic fields cause magnetic forces.

These fields are perpendicular to each other and continually oscillate between maximum positive and maximum negative (pointing in the opposite direction). The microwaves used to heat food in microwave ovens have a wavelength of 12.2 cm and oscillate at a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz. Giga means billion, so the electric and magnetic fields oscillate fast enough to make 2.45 billion complete cycles each second.

Microwave heating works by heating the water in foods. The frequency used in microwave ovens optimally heats water molecules. The microwave energy is converted into heat energy of the water molecules, which in turn heat the other molecules in the food. That is why dry foods such as rice and pasta will not cook in a microwave unless they are in some water.

How does microwave heating affect water? A water molecule consists of three atoms: Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These atoms share their electrons in such a way that the positive charges are on one side of the water molecule and the negative charges are on the other side. Chemists call this a polar molecule. Water molecules are polar molecules.

Like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract. This happens because the charges each create their own electric fields and each electric field exerts a force on the other particle. Because microwaves are electromagnetic waves they produce constantly changing electric fields in the food inside the microwave oven. The water molecules in the food react to the electric field by rotating to minimize the force on both the positive and negative ends of the molecule. When the electric field changes from positive to negative, as it does with an electromagnetic wave, the water molecules rotate again and orient themselves in the opposite direction.

Read more: [link to physics.suite101.com]

Worst thing Cell phones are moving within digital Wifi allocations on same 2.450 GHZ bandwidth wifi now stands ,that will increase its cancer potential 100% .