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Seven outs geek contestant as a fake

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10/21/2009 02:30 AM
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Seven outs geek contestant as a fake
Makers of reality show Beauty and The Geek have outed one of its so-called ultra-nerdy contestants as a fake.

Corin Storkey, a 28-year-old chemistry PhD student from Melbourne, fooled the show's producers into thinking he was geekier than he actually was.

"I think Corin may have been pulling the wool over our eyes," host Bernard Curry told ninemsn.

"He is a little more coordinated and savvy with the ladies than he liked to let on."

Storkey was recruited as one of eight socially inept geeks to be paired with intellectually-challenged beauties on the popular Seven Network series, which has pulled in over a million viewers per episode in its first two weeks on air.

Curry's suspicions about Storkey were confirmed during a casual football game between the crew and contestants, he said.

"We were playing football on grand final day and he was kind of just catching the ball with ease ... he wasn't uncoordinated at all," Curry said.

Storkey's stereotypically geeky wardrobe thick-rimmed glasses, garishly bright shirts and high-waisted jeans soon prompted online speculation that he was a fake.

"Corin is far from a geek those glasses are from a $2 store and don't fool anyone," Hailee Forde wrote on the show's online message board.

"I was sus about Corin from the start ... so obvious," another post read.

But aside from Storkey, the show's other contestants were all "the genuine article", Curry insisted.

"They have all learnt so much from the show through the course of the series and the changes are obvious," he said.

As well as personal growth, romance was an unexpected product of the reality TV experiment.

"There is definitely some sparks that fly," Curry said.

"We didn't set out to make a dating show, it was more about transformation and change ... but some romance did blossom and who are we to get in the way of that."

ACT chess champion Jeremy Reading, 24, was one geek who got some female attention during the show.

"Jeremy has never been kissed by a girl and he gets his first kiss on national TV," Curry said.

[link to news.ninemsn.com.au]
.. ThE BiTcH iN mE iS A TeAsE .. ThErEfOrE I AiM TwO PlEaSe ..
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United States
10/21/2009 02:33 AM
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Re: Seven outs geek contestant as a fake