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Immunization Properties of the Childhood Vaccines

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/21/2009 01:25 PM
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Immunization Properties of the Childhood Vaccines
Immunization Properties of the Childhood Vaccines

"The whole shingles “scare” is probably the result of over-fanatical efforts by drug companies to vaccinate children against chicken pox. At least one study has shown that repeated exposure to children with chicken pox increases the immune system’s resistance to shingles. Essentially what this means is that by helping our youngsters suffer through their chicken pox, we were building our immunity to shingles. When kids stop getting chicken pox, we start getting shingles. So, in a sense, Zostavax is a drug-company cure (and a very unproven one at that) for a problem caused by the drug companies.” Doctor William Douglass MD

The vast majority of the time, childhood infectious diseases are benign and self-limiting. They usually impart lifelong immunity, whereas vaccine-induced immunity is only temporary. In fact, the temporary nature of vaccine immunity can create a MUCH more dangerous situation in a child’s future. For example, the new chicken pox vaccine has an effectiveness estimated at 6 - 10 years. If effective, it will postpone the child's vulnerability until adulthood, when death from the disease, while still rare, is 20 times more likely than in childhood. “Measles parties” used to be common in Britain; if a child got measles, other parents in the neighborhood would rush their kids over to play with the infected child, to deliberately contract the disease and develop natural lifetime immunity. This avoids the risk of infection in adulthood that comes with artificial immunity, when the disease is more dangerous, and provides the benefits of an immune system strengthened by the natural disease process.

Not only are most childhood infectious diseases rarely dangerous, they can actually play a vital role in the developing a strong, healthy immune system. Persons who have not had measles have a higher incidence of certain skin diseases, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain tumors, while absence of mumps has been linked to higher risks of ovarian cancer. Now we see ovarian cancer itself has spawned another vaccine the extremely risky (Over 10,000 adverse reactions reported as of 5 MAR 2009) HPV vaccine. Folks when will it end? It won’t until we wise up.

Most childhood "vaccines" require frequent "booster" shots and even then are only "effective" for a few years. Folks we are being had. This is witchcraft and extremely toxic and often deadly witchcraft.

For example when children were allowed to contract the immunosalubrious disease of wild chicken pox they were protected against wild chicken pox for life. When children are given the artificial chicken pox "vaccine" the "protection" only lasts a few years. Should the adult so "protected" for a few years by the chicken pox "vaccine" catch the wild chicken pox disease as an adult they have a MUCH greater chance of dying than if they had experienced the wild disease as a child; the adult also has a good chance of developing shingles. Before we started "vaccinating" for chicken pox shingles in adults was many times more rare. You will note we are now foisting shingles "vaccination" on adults. Folks when will it end? It won’t until we wise up.

"Immunization" Properties of the H1N1 "Vaccines"

Most of the current H1N1 "vaccines" state that they confer "immunization" against H1N1 for one year. What does this tell us? What it tells me is we are in round one of at least a three round fight for our lives.

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