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My sons dog has a restraining order against him

how can this be?
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United States
10/21/2009 07:04 PM
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My sons dog has a restraining order against him
I'm the mom who's son was shot in the head trying to buy a car on craigslist earlier this year (he is doing OK)

His wife has filed for an anullment in July, stating all property between them was to stay separate. My son bought a dog in August, a puppy ($350) and his wife has since been put on house arrest for hitting my son in the head with a 3 pound weight (domestic violence)

My son felt bad about the house arrest, and let his dog visit her. Now she won't give the dog back. My son goes over and tries to get his dog, and his wife gets a restraining order against him, including the dog. He has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from his wife AND the dog, even though he has a receipt showing he was the purchaser.

So we go to the PD this morning at 6 in the morning to get a civil standby to try to get the dog, and the cop (who was very nice) suggests waiting till court (in Nov) to explain to the judge that the dog is his, and show him the receipt.

No one including the cop has ever seen a dog as part of a restraining order..... now she is taunting him on her MySpace showing a picture of the dog with her new boyfriend on her bed, hugging the dog. I know, I know, she is just trying to be evil but man!!!

I guess there is nothing he can do till he goes to court. I just wish he could get his dog back and give her her stuff back so this could all be done with.

One scary female she is. She has always said she can "play the game" better.


The thing that sucks is that the dog was allowed to be bought and brought here as "therapy" for my son, for what he has been going through. My husband and my son surprised me one day after work that we had a "new" addition....

And now the dog has a restraining order against him. Go figure....