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Hallowe’en Treat:..Wrinkles..Acne..Teeth..Meditation

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10/22/2009 07:41 AM
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Hallowe’en Treat:..Wrinkles..Acne..Teeth..Meditation
We have so much doom in our lives and I thought I’d give freely to the people of this world some of my tricks that helped me along in this life.

I’m 53yrs old, have smoked since the age 13yrs old and also because I was given permission to do so, it was the in trend of that era therefore got wrinkled too. lol


This is what I’ve discovered in regards to cleaning your skin.

Many tout that we should exfoliate our skin and offer abrasives to help us do that, I’ve tried them all and nothing worked. I went with the pads that they sell and found it wasn’t harsh enough for the type of skin I had. I’ve also noticed that men don’t seem to get as many wrinkles as us women do because they shave everyday and they use a blade or electric razor, the razor would act as a vibrator to message the face. Don’t get me wrong I have no medical degree just plain common sense that led me to try this out.

So in my search of trying to get rid of wrinkles and the nasty little black heads that seemed to pop up in the corner of my eyes, I discovered a new technique of how to properly was my face, you’ll find this funny but I discovered that my “toothbrush” works wonders on massaging, cleaning, exfoliating etc….

Yes my fabulous toothbrush, I can use a soft, medium or hard brush to completely clean my face. What I do is twice daily I will foam up my face with soap and then use my toothbrush and run it around all area’s of my face, rinse it off with warm water to open up the pores and then soap it up again and once again give a thorough brushing, finish it off with a cold water rinse. I wait at least an hour after and then dab a minimal amount of a light moisturizers sometimes I’ll mix with water. What a difference this made to my skin, it sloughed off the nasty little black heads because my skin was deeply cleansed and I don't recommend putting too much gunk on your face afterward allow your skins natural oils to shine through. My toothbrush is an electric one and has a round brush but I’m sure any one will do, just as long as you dig deep down into those nasty little crevices.

In regards to my teeth, and I can tell you, my teeth are beautiful and white. What I do is use a cap full of Peroxide and dip my toothbrush into baking soda (my father-in-law who’s 85yrs old is the one who first taught me the use of baking soda), I don’t recommend you do this everyday, but at least once a week, and you’ll be amazed by the difference in the feeling of cleanliness in your mouth and whitening of your teeth. Where I came up with this idea?, I’ve read the ingredients in the whiteners available on the market and they all have Peroxide in them and they started including baking soda, thus came the idea of giving the real deal to my teeth and going with those ingredients. CAUTION: its going to fizzle inside your mouth but just keep on brushing for two minutes, then rinse it all out with water, do NOT swallow it, then use your toothpaste and do another brushing just to give it that coating and it allows you to brush your tongue at the same time. Always believed that brushing the tongue is one of the healthiest things to do.


I do believe in God, I don’t use the Bible, but I have my own beliefs deeply ingrained in me. I will talk to God (my Higher Power) in my own words, I’ll give him heck and I’ll get mad at him only to realize once I’ve gotten over my tantrum he shows me the way, what he was trying to help me understand.

I’ve used the Solfeggio Arpeggio tunes to do meditation and when I meditate I focus on the area in between my eyes. Doing this has given me much peace within my soul and when I’m doing this I send thoughts of love, peace to the world or whatever I see that needs help in this world, it works, the power of giving.

Here are the link to a few of them, try them out:

[link to www.youtube.com] what better way to start off with trying to heal your DNA.

[link to www.youtube.com] then conscious expansion because I do need all the help I can get.

[link to www.youtube.com] awakening my intuition, I find that it leads me to things I don’t understand.

I give freely and remember you’ve heard it first on GLP, I believe the toothbrush for cleaning your face is an awesome idea.

God Bless!