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Message Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
Poster Handle Wraithwynd
Post Content
Um No.

First let me say you are a moron. You are no prophet, and you have no real idea of how viruses work, mutate naturally and become novel, jump species, or do anything. This H1N1 although the first of its kind we have ever seen, having abilities we haven't yet seen in a virus, falls well within the natural predicted patterns that influenza viruses are genetically able to reach. Naturally.

Further, there are far, far easier ways (And far less expensive, and less likely to be uncovered) to depopulate the population. Vaccinations as a vector to spread illness is just not a viable option now days. Perhaps back a few decades ago. Um No, not an airborne contagious virus like Influenza. Today we know how to utilize viruses to do our bidding. We also have a whole bunch of nifty viruses that we can modify slightly retaining their contagious abilities (Airborne capabilities) while making them far, far more nasty than they were.

IF the NWO folk were seeking to make a dent in the numbers all they would do would be introduce this new A Type H1N1 to existing strains of Avian Flu. We already know HOW to do it without having to pull out gene splicers and the tools of genetic engineering. All we have to do is put the two strains in a common host and let good old Mother Nature do her thing.

See scientists are really, really worried about places like China and Egypt where the Avian flu has been jumping species into humans. They are worried because if a patient who have the H1H1 influenza Virus also contracts the Avian Flu the probability is very high that the two strains will combine becoming what is quaintly called the "Armageddon Flu". Imagine all of the high contagious factors of the H1N1 and all the mortality of the Avian Flu (64% death rate). That means potentially 30% (or more) of the population infected with 64% of the infected kicking 'ye old bucket'.

No need for expensive, prolonged, out in the open, easy to catch on to 'TPTB up to No Good' vaccination program, just take a handful of people (10 is all you need), inoculate them with the live Armageddon Flu virus and send them on a long vacation where they have to take several flights to reach their destination - best if they have long longish layovers at such places as O'Hara international Airport, Heathrow, Narita and a few others. Large, international air travel hubs would be the primary target for our 10 prime patients to travel through, with a decent 3-6 hour layover at the hub.

Just 10 people loaded with live virus will be contagious within 36 hours of being inoculated, and will be spreading the virus for a week before presenting symptoms. That means not only are they spreading it on the planes, they are spreading it while hanging out at the airport, while riding in the taxi, while checking in their hotel room, while touring the sights of where ever you sent them on vacation.

Of course the travel package would naturally include tours of museums, historic landmarks, bus tours with their shopping stops along the way.

10 people would infect millions in a week on a well planned vacation itinerary. They would leave behind live virus in every bus and taxi they took, infecting the next passengers. They would infect school children at the museum, would infect other travelers.

By the time these initial patients started to present symptoms, all of the people they bumped into would be walking around spreading the virus, many of which they bumped into at those airports they were in would have moved on to other airports, gone home, or reached their business or pleasure destination and would, 36 hours after contraction be merrily spreading the virus without a single symptom for a week.

Cheap, Easy to do, and frankly there is no way to actually tell if these people were given a deadly flu or picked it up in their travels, especially if you happen to send them to one of the nations where Avian Flu is currently present.

Your way leaves way too many open ends that would let a lot of people find ways to poke fingers.

My way closes those ends, making it astronomically difficult to blame any organization.

Your way costs billions of dollars, requires so much media attention to get people scared enough to get the vaccination.

My way requires a bit of time and patience, plus "rewarded" 10 people with all expenses paid trips to carry the new strain of virus into the world. We are talking $50,000 tops.

Further, you have the AIDS/HIV thing all wrong. Of course you 'heard' otherwise I'm sure.

Lastly, no "mark of the Beast" is in the vaccination.

If you understood that bible you were quoting (poorly). You would understand that acceptance of the Mark of the Beast is crucial. And no one in those days will have any doubt of what it is they are accepting. They will be presented with a choice. Accept the Mark and the Beast, or Deny the Mark and Accept Christ and Salvation - with a little bit of losing their head temporarily for 'refusing' the beast.
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