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Message Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
Poster Handle antaun
Post Content
Elijah the Tishbite, please answer the following questions. And Scribe of Elijah don't answer or you will be reported.

1)Will I ever move to California to become an actor?
2)What is the name of my future wife?
3)What is the name of the woman who shouted, "Whoooo" out the car window at me 1 or 2 summers ago near the Rec. Center in Kanawha City, WV?
4)What is the name of the girl I liked in 4th grade?
5)Could you bless me to be more successful than my friend Julian at selling things with the people's program?
6)Could you bless me so that I star in all box office blockbusters starting when I get my first starring role?

Thanks in advance and God bless!
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