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Message Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
Poster Handle Emmeric
Post Content
I think the revelations prophecy is quite specific: the number will be in the hand or forehead.

The US Army was experimenting with bar-coding of fish back in the 80s. They moved to people trials in the late 90s and some have voluntarily taken the bar code in the early 2000s.

The injection is a resin, under the skin of the palm for palm-scanners. The resin hardens to about the width of a pencil lead. A laser then imprints the resin with a bar code.

However, such implants in the palm do not account for those who may lose their hands or have none to begin with. The only thing you cannot lose and still live is your head.

A vaccination is in the arm and the RFID chip could travel anywhere. This does not match the prophecy of Revelations. It must match. The technology and method has been tested, proven and is in limited use. Further, the Anti-Christ causes all to receive this implant - not your local Blue Shield healthcare nurse.

So the vaccination isn't the number, even if it has an RFID chip. Carry on.
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