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Message Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Beyond a shadow of the doubt, I do believe this to be true. Sad but true. I still contend that the chemtrails are also part of "THE PLAN" and could act as a binary agent with the flu.
When they dug up bodies in Alaka who died from the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 and extracted tissue from said body to study at, I believe, Plum Island (near N.Y.City) and I think some of it escaped. What scientist or government would want to unleash that pox on a population - why a mad scientist of course taking direction from the madmen and luciferian elites of the NWO. I know it's hard to get your arms around something so big and diabolical, but I've spent many years researching this and I am totally comfortable with discussing it. It's all plausible to me.
I really ramped up my research after the horrors of 9-11 - a deed so dastardly and evil spirited it really defies words or phrases - other than "false flag attack" a la the Reichstag Fire in Germany seventy years ago.
To think that anyone could murder innocent people, like you and me, and give them such a horrific death defies my senses. And to all the thousands of people who lost loved ones that fateful day - how can they go on knowing that their loved ones were virtually pulverized in seconds? They ARE the triumph of the human spirit.
So, the swine flu is kind of a fizzle, but rest assured there are other mad scientists working feverishly in laboratories around the world right now, working to create even a deadier virus. The Georgia Guidestones are no joke.
Does anyone else notice how the elites live to be a very old age? Queen Elizabeth II - 83; Prince Phillip - 88; Jimmy Carter - early 80s; GHW Bush - 84; the Rothchilds - some well into their 70s and hail and hearty. They are either reptilian or privy to cures and preventatives we peons will never get. We get the poisonous vaccines instead.
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