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Message Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Colored arm bands to be used to control Washoe swine flu vaccinations today

Washoe County Health District will distribute color-coded armbands today and Thursday at free H1N1 vaccination clinics for high-risk groups, to avoid the angry protest from people turned away at last week's first clinic.

High-risk individuals also will be given an estimated time when they can expect to be vaccinated, Judy Davis, spokeswoman for the health district, said Monday.
"Based on that, they can leave for a couple of hours and do errands or take the kids somewhere then come back at the appointed time," Davis said.
"We will have people guiding them to make sure they return to their color-coded group," she said. "So even though they might not be the first in line, they shouldn't have to wait more than an hour at most after that."
Instead of scheduling a closing time, the process will continue until the first 900 people get an armband each day, she said. That means health workers should be able to determine earlier where the cutoff point will be for those still in line.
"The other thing we did was take a good look at the forms we were having people fill out and we combined those three pages into one form, so hopefully that will speed things along as well," Davis said.
County health workers vaccinated more than 1,000 high-risk individuals Oct. 22, instead of the 600 they had anticipated in six hours. That left about 100 people who had waited in line for hours. Some refused to leave until Washoe County sheriff's deputies were called, Davis said.
"We did call for backup, and I think the presence of people in uniform did help us get the message across that we were closed for the day," she said. "Yes, we did learn lessons from last week, so we are going to do a couple of things differently this week that we think will help all the way around.

Why are the US Informed people like GLP out protesting these Vaccinations???
Talk the talk but...nothing

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