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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
From Dr Jose Delgado to Dr Ewen Cameron...from animals to Manchurian candidates...Montauk chairs and mind control(MK...)

This is a very developed science, albeit Frankensteinian...and tptb seek to control all-from your animals you care for to your own body-IBM technology seeks to go even further than they went in Nzzi WWII camps or the camps in Russia with Ivan Denisovich in Siberia...same kind of thing folks but tptb are MUCH MORE CAPABLE

Trillions have assured that...

Laws lacking any context to what we are already facing...and it will get much worst very rapidly.

Verichip wants to own all-voluntary-CONSENT is part of it all but as many can see-our outcry means nothing and common decency has no part in it.

Implanting a foreign body into the human body will cause serious problems and will compromise your own will. It has been shown in Dr Delgado's studies with the controlled bull that was accomplished decades back-be assured the tech is FAR MORE ADVANCED and far more sinister.

In Nov 7,2002 IBM received patent...#20020165758

Identification and tracking of persons using RFID tagged items...

That is the facts folks-they already have massive licenses to implant "medical devices" and all of them can be tracked-even the neonates who have monitors at home have been able to be real time accessed for at least 20 years-to track a newborn with high risk-and in some cases to gain convictions against errant parent...That is the truth but I can also tell you 20 yrs ago-the parents had no clue but the medical group did...

This electronic record will be expanded beyond the wildest conjecture-invasive in all ways

Even Scott Silverman,CEO of Verichip stated
"The primary application of our VeriMed health link patient identification system and the VeriChip microchip is to identify high-risk patients and their medical records in an emergency or clinical situation..."

INDEED and all patients need such "protection"

but I assure you the BULL was easily controlled decades back...and the bull will be even more compliant with EMF technology

Mind Control(MK) is the crux of control-and as I revealed years ago this is what they were doing and would ACCOMPLISH I will also say that mind control like Col Michael Aquino had in mind when he wrote Mind Wars...and they have no qualms about USING IT

Scarier than any horror movie could be because it is real and documented.

I have stated it and still continue to-few hearken to truth, but prefer idyllic fantasies of "safety" under the foot of the beast.

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