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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I know you can get a magnetizer/demagnetizer to wipe out the current RFID chips (like in your driver's license and passports) but will they work on the Verichip?
 Quoting: ZTE 779511

Most all of their tech is SHIELDED...and shielded well(faraday cage tech to shield)

It could be disabled by GIANT MAGNET-MRI will ruin the data...if it gets close enough-but I am not yet sure what is the smallest that would be effective-something to determine as best as one can...hand held MRIs are out there but FEW-that would DO it...but good luck picking one up at ace...tv magnets and computer magnets are strong but leaving your license on one does not seem to corrupt data...and what will one use to duplicate a "read"...physiologic responses are difficult to match unless one knows what level is the coding at...

as far as sonic weapons-up to sonic vaporization...which they do HAVE one can run a white noise or a similar frequency but one that cancels or nulllifies the ATTACKERS.
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