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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

Many have already seen the "big dog" and with sensors, to track...well, some covering in ones eye-like mud that one cannot remove works well-just as lathering mud all over ones body helps the heat signature as well and many clothes like under armor serve to disguise the heat signature-Turpens in pine trees have sticky oils...turpens are wonderful...good in many ways...and hiding the wild animals from the hunters...

the runners will be abundant and the hunters formidable...best to plan ahead before one takes their children to the zoo...seems the animals in that jungle are far from tame and many not even HUman-Truly

That way if your KIDS get separated you have a meeting point of SAFETY to meet up later-
best for all to know the plan and to have a code word known within your FAMILY for safety-no one without the code is believed...best to be secure and not played...


big dogs take DOWN PREY -so do PRAY for that which is not beast...
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