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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Duct Tape works well to shield signals too.

yes but one needs to be cautious on living organisms-need a sheet or the wrap tape athletes use if one utilizes it beyond the machines...in a pinch as it has metallic fibers

That's why it works. But we need to come up with multiple ways to successfully disable these RFID chips on both organic and inorganic objects. They are everywhere, and we are too late to stop the spread of the chips, but we can think of a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
 Quoting: ZTE 779511

and we BEST BE EXTREMELY CREATIVE for survival as all who want TO BUY OR SELL will acquiesce readily when they understand the food trough is closed to 'resisting' forces...anyone who does not like being raped basically...and crisco will likely be removed with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS in DEC 2009...limiting vitamins and alternative treatments like colloidal silver or oild o oregano

baking soda is sure cheap these days, and vinegar...even bleach-with all the price gouging it is rather sublime.but basics like Borax are sure handy-they do not sell chemistry sets anymore for the most part-I have several friends who are scientists-but most folks are far removed from elementary science...time to become much more informed or one can adapt to being a mule for world govt elitists
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