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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Keep a close eye on what the Taliban is doing in Afghanistan. How they are surviving, how they are bartering, etc...

Because soon, anybody who disagrees with out government will be labeled a terrorist and treated as such.
 Quoting: ZTE 779511

very true-anyone who attempts to suggest the govt of the world are insane...

mental health laws were changed for A REASON and all de commissioned bases(military) are now on the list as mental health treatment centers...
bartering is wise.

In WWII items of great worth were: food of any kind-but also shoes...were very valuable, COFFEE...and cigarettes surprisingly...all resources were claimed or commandeered by military-including the wood on one's land...that is why they created this "hoarders" syndrome so neighbors will be enticed to snitch their well stocked neighbors out-likely getting credits given them for their evil ways...as they did that in Greece long ago as well.
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