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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Spray paint-metallic should offer some coverage as well if not against waves then SenSorS

sensors covered with paint, especially metallic paint

Anything that smells is sensitive to burning...as well...like peppers...especially oil of extreme peppers-or cayenne peppers...very HARSH on nasal tissues...

I remember around 5 yrs back when I saw the roundUp going down... many months before that they were running biological creatures down the halls-seeing if any alerts happened

Years ago this would be considered highly illegal but when criminals are in charge well all bets are off...

Many of the doors the furry fix alerted on were later taken down-months later-as they were running them through the halls regularly and I have seen them use the same crapp in parking lots...and they are also using the plates that are RFID as well-so if your car is in a parking lot or on the street "legally" then they can use a reader to run the plates determining who owes back taxes or outstanding issues of some kind-SurpriSe, SurpiSe

Unreasonable search and seizure quite common and becoming more so.
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