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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
mental health laws were changed for A REASON and all de commissioned bases(military) are now on the list as mental health treatment centers...
bartering is wise.

In WWII items of great worth were: food of any kind-but also shoes...were very valuable, COFFEE...and cigarettes surprisingly...all resources were claimed or commandeered by military-including the wood on one's land...that is why they created this "hoarders" syndrome so neighbors will be enticed to snitch their well stocked neighbors out-likely getting credits given them for their evil ways...as they did that in Greece long ago as well.

Well, I do have a B.A. in Psychology, and I can say that hoarding CAN be a true mental disorder (as my grandmother has it). She can't control herself when given money. If I gave her $10 for the whole week, she would spend it within the hour. We recently had to clean her old apartment out and found boxes of brownie mix from 1987.

That said, like all other psychological disorders, psychologists and other "scientific" people like to take these disorders to an extreme. Any kid who can't sit still in a classroom for 15 minutes, but is loaded up on sugar is automatically diagnosed with ADHD...and given 3 pills to curb his creativity.

What happens, is psychologists completely over-diagnose everybody, instead of finding out what the real problem is with each individual. This is what hurts anyone who has a real disorder.
 Quoting: ZTE

It may be but for those who survived the wars before you were born or after-what does that say about their "disorder"/

I know I have seen some who are consumed in so much around them they cannot walk-or paranoia like tptb seem to suffer from...either way-are they really harming me when they hoard???

In my opinion I am not concerned about it-

I have to make big meals...I do not like to go to the store every day as it is not close...I do not want to have a dinner and run out of creme

Whose place is it to tell me I have too many canned goods or shoes? What business if it of theirs??? forced treatment for something so benign is ludicrous imho

All choices have consequences and living rurally I see very little consequence to those who know the lay of the land-do squirrels hoard or do they PLAN WELL-it is relative...to them and to others observing

The people in Calif do they have stored water-for with EQs they need extra water or a way to make it drinkable...wise...or the people in NO-how many had "hoarded" enough water for a potential hurricane or enough food to get through a few months-that in itself is A LOT OF FOOD-

so is one frugal or cheap???

short sighted or far sighted-whose place is it to dictate to another-unless they make no error they are as wrong as the other...time to be wise and not be used by tptb to cement their agenda or add to them accomplishing it.

No one needs to be put in a camp due to HOARDING...but they will...once they commandeer all resources those found taking their wood from their property and using it for heat will be considered "criminal" and likewise for those think they will bag an animal-many have already been chipped in the wild or fed RFID tracking grains etc...so you bag it and here comes ENFORCER BEASTgod...busted...even if one is taking it down with a crossbow...of course if the animal is found and no recording can be located(satellites) then it could of been an animal bringing it down...if one left some section of it-but if one consumed it and is unaware of RFID tech within-well still busted...

Sadly all the Orwellian laws are creating problems-clamming-now one needs a license on the east coast to clamming(digging up clams+FORAGING is not hunting or fishing BTW-a real legal nightmare for bench sitters with penis pumps...)
So with the over abundance of clams-it helps cause death of sea life and red tide blooms...likely adds to the Jellyfish blooms the world over as they degrade and contaminate the water so bad everyone will think the RFID ownership by UN and banksters-powers and principalities will be their ever providing parents...

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