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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Did not just happen in Pittsburgh

but in Oakland too regarding the G world 20 domination evil tour

as people who use to hold more value for me like Geraldo flipping off protesters...and being a total tool

to sound cannons being used en masse...

The media paints the tale that all who say no are clearly insane

and those who want to protect special interest groups-the "republic" can choose who they want to protect or emulate-trannies on subways macing passengers and families...while their rights are protected...As a woman I cannot defend HORMONAL IMBALANCES as they do happen for many but...to entertain a 6'6" man on female hormones sufficient to grow breasts running around in a hot pink VulVa type of dress, is worst than scary it is seriously dangerous....with HIS junk hanging out for all to see...I am not talking about "lady" GAGa but the recent video of pink tranny physically assaulting people who also happened to be on the SUBWAY....this is where this insanity goes...I am not giving him any publicity-so I will not post it-as the cops ought to be lOOking for that one...good luck in a amle prison finding female hormones...ones such as these are easily made into or are already sl EEpers

the laws were passed to protect whatever...and now we see the result before a week could even pass...

To EACH HIS OR HER OWN-but respect others rights to not be enthralled with your fashion sense-law or not, in this state you pull a weapon...you better be faster than what you are facing or know all the valleys and all the mountain peaks or caverns...tolerance is a good virtue but one must be reasonable or it will be obstructed much more violently-(for those with an agenda)

ALl is NOT known by them but they are working DILIGENTLY TO CHANGE THAT

Total Information Awareness is ongoing and will not shut itself off.

Infiltrators abound even acting as provocateurs or antagonists-many escalating many peaceful protests into violence-do not be baited-it is EXACTLY WHAT WILL MAKE THEIR TOTAL CONTROL EASIER

Do not bite the hook regardless of the temptation-and there are many tools they can access-IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS.
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