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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Many earplugs are around 21-33 dB protection-if one uses more than one it would help even more...or what about loading them with something interior that could work as an additional filter-sonic weapons are DEADLY and even if one withstands the sonic aspect the cellular is being whacked hard and some unzipping of DNA and irreparable harm to DNA could result...Know the truth


clothing in layers is best regardless of what one is dealing with outside of HEATSTROKE-which will become a greater problem in a few yrs...scorching ahead...right now the earth is being scorched unbeknown to many-metallic fibered clothes and also material that is less conductive as well-layers is KEY imho

'Plasma universe is moving towards ignition'

smells of sulphur ABOUND and will increase

tectonic plates shifting MIGHTILY and RESONANCE is a KEY PART

Resonance can cause a bridge to collapse, can implode a stone from the small to the grandest...DUNE comes to mind...but that is just a story...
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