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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
those people were sick and starved at the end of WWII. fuk u zionazi control freaks! the nationality of zionism.
 Quoting: neteru<>

They were and many died from disease as well-Not all were Jewish either-many 100000s of Russians were also executed because following his list of dislikes Russians ranked pretty high...

Zionists and Jews are not necessarily similar in ideology

Although I can find fault in any promoted "religion" I believe true spiritual foundation goes beyond lines and illusions of differences and is part of HUmanities potential to discern the truth and apply it well.

zionazi freaks...who are you calling out on that???

The govt over there as 100000s of Jews were also chemically hosed down speaking out against the govt there-which group are you identifying as such, as I am curious if there is no differentiation for you?

Askenazi is maybe what you are referring to???


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