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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ZTE
Post Content
Shadow your posts are the most frightening on GLP, though I know that is far from your intent.

One question: How long before the shit really hits the fan, in your opinion?

It is going to keep increasing chronically

I am sorry to say and I do not intend to frighten but inform-if one knows the lay of the land they can get past the hollywood version and make preparations-as I see they will force their nanny world and the ones who stand to strike back will not excel over what they have planned...but I know there is a Most High, no matter what they say-or how ever many mock

Once you know, there is no deterrent from truth-no matter the consequences.

Speaking out and letting it be known that WE DO NOT CONSENT

Some major crap is already at work and soon many more will see.

Also I see parallel lines...

say we have a big push for rounding up the dirty in govt...then the forgiveness of debt(nesara-like) or whatever-the bait being the cashless system...with RFID-the WHO being the health nurse of the world and IMF being the treasury of the world-more deceptions while proclaiming all the cleaning up-the nanny world will have their own combo "religion" likely of lucifer...persecutions of many-

all in all-it is for the best-as it must get to that to lock down the HIDDEN ones-the powers and principalities

there are other beings-some are "angelic and holy" and some are fallen...they could still be angels but they are not at all how they seem

Then we have the hidden octopus...and ties in with the 3 cities who never pay taxes:ROME,DC,London...and the clubOFroma...tied to CFR...symbolism throughout world religions agrees much more than many seem to portray.

As far as I can see-many things started to implode after the less than an hour collapse, the stand down bringing in fraudulent laws-it seems pretty clear-the pressure builds and when more are being struck down still many will say: when will it happen...it is happening and will continue

2012 very intense...but 2013-2015 some very INTERESTING signs overhead...and NO ONE knows the time or the hour and even that which was planned will be cut short-or no one will be here...sacrifices(whether it be infant, adult, old, young or even selected goat...sacrifices are still important to primitives-and the usurpers regardless of their original stature are primitive overall-conquerors and prideful PIRATES who delight in BLOOD seriously-
I do not want to believe it....denial provides insulation...but obstructs the truth from revealing-so I am constrained to what I C one way or the other-and compelled to not take from or add to...may I abide in that truth...regardless of personal distaste.

strangely even then-I sense many who will think nothing is occurring-like a schism with PERSPECTIVE-seems more and more-some will not be seen, and others will not be seeing..strange sounding I know but it is like a star trek episode-where the higher frequency beings cannot be perceived by the lower density kind of thing...I think it will become clearer shortly

There are so many people throughout the earth-and what these maniacs is so absurd in levels of control and difficulty-the only option will be by ELIMINATING many-
 Quoting: ShadowDancer

Yep, you boil a frog by gradually heating up the water.

However, when TSHTF is up to the people, not really TPTB. Sure they can keep warming up the water, but it's the people who will make the shot heard round the world. This gives them justification for more control.

In my opinion, the 2012 date is the day the antichrist will take control of the world. The mayan calendar as well as many other pyramids in the world, predict this date. However, you have to realize that pyramids were a physical representation of the government. The majority of the people were slaves on the bottom of society, ruled by the pharaoh at the top. So when the pyramid countdown reaches the top again, the pharaoh returns to rule the world.
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