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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
 Quoting: Fantasia II


brother in law died in august 31 yrs old-2 funerals one in OK with about 700 people and one in KC with about 2500 people-and he also has a perpetual scholarship with his name on it for boys at Boyscout of America-He taught many boys how to swim, canoe, carve, etc....for 20+ yrs in KS every summer...and he was a good man...His wife and him had been married less than 10 yrs...

CREMATED before his brother could arrive and he attempted to get to OK as soon as possible

started with RESPIRATORY DISTRESS AND COULD NOT BREATHE-Diagnosis was Pneumonia...and then lots of "IDK"...this stuff they have made is maximum kill with max mutations...and human disease)as they used several beside spanish 1918 and some others) and any pig disease, and any bird disease...in the lab they have JUMPED SPECIES LINES-truly EVIL in all ways IMHO

His wife is a doctor in OK...he was vented as soon as they made it to a hospital on a tuesday...then it seemed like GBS(Guillian-Barre syndrome)paralyisis worsened, besides respiratory shutting down and vented, paralysis started to shut kidneys down.....he was BRAIN DEAD ON thursday that week and taken off all life support and died

Then they RAPIDLY cremated him before his brother could even see him, and when he arrived he was ALREADY CREMATED


I am suggesting this is far worst than many think at this time and I would suggest not laughing too hard at the "zombie gene"

It is lab created and there is plenty of evidence

I will not take the vaccine and I will not take their flumist that goes to BRAIN, it crosses the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER rapidly

I would restrict contacts to a minimum-using excellent hygiene...those who are sick need to quarantine themselves for a while as ALL flues are not generally being testted for strain-they are being considered flying PIG flu....and it did FLY did it not...

More aerial sights will be seen

Many will have mutated viral diseases...encouraged by all the gene manipulation

Joseph Bar Joseph...he is a waving RED BUG


taking several hits with chemicals and a few electrical-I watched it on several cams when it happened...the "mental patient" HInt HINT

They brought it out of being eradicated since the 1918 and in 1977 they reactivated it...and now we are where we are

Mengele was a sluggard compared to these bent on killing

as they claim it will help many-what to turn them into something other than HUman???

They can take their GMO.GE.FRANKENFOODS and they know what to do with it-I donot want to share DNA with SWINE, swine and pearls bereft of me....no chickens either and no reptiles and no jellyfish gene or pig DNA in my tomato...people have survived for thousands upon thousands of years but cavemen were focused on real survival not killing everyone possible...or HUmanity would of never taken hold so many times

TPTB remind me of Ninharsag and enki and enlil, assured for a while they were the 'gods' and could impose on HUmanity-unaware of one far greater....even Anu realized they were not the only ones...and yet TPTB try and act as though it is their call as though they are gods....no more than I...

technology does not make one a god, what one chooses to do with it qualifies moreso as a god or a demon...

'gods' war far more aggressively so best be prepared as we will be seeing how they do it-for it is ON....

Mighty ones are battling right now...and the battle cries shall become much loader as man is flamed by the close battle that will explode shortly...

Take care and PREPARE in all ways

SERIOUSLY folks- many will be amazed at the weapons man has, let alone the god weapons...and CERN is a weapon as well...

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