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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Classic double speak

"You aren't eating and exercising for yourself, but for your lineage."

It does not matter as they try and poison you in so many ways there is no way to avoid it-even the elite cannot get free of what they are doing-So many generations have been wiped out or contaminated so bad they are sterile...those are the facts.

One could take care of themselves with the choices they make-doesn't matter as they are working twice as hard with massive resources to keep you sick, enslaved, ignorant, controlled, and overwhelmed by fear and hopelessness

It seems very clear to me-I have little family left-

wars, wars, and more wars,...and degrading the environment as quickly as possible so HUmanity will be WILLING to CONSENT to their perversities in the interests of safety and security

Agenda 21...the system collapsing daily...
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