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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Decrease in Temporal Domain Increments

Proportional with an acceleration of temporal compression is an acceleration of functional complexity, operational elements of what I refer to as the "convergence syndrome". As a process dynamic, technologies, belief systems, cultural and societal paradigms, even the very definitions of life itself, are becoming ever more synergistically interconnected, and irreversibly interdependent. In this emergent domain, nothing is isolated or autonomous. This convergence phenomena has spawned the most powerful tools of creation ever invented, which have synergistically accelerated the human species into a realm of transformation which, in just the past decade, supercedes all of the 2 ½ million years of human socio-technological evolution preceding this moment in time.

Evolution tends to be a trauma induced process; that is, provided the periodicity and amplitude of the encountered trauma cycles do not exceed the response capacity of the challenged system, the system will tend to become more robust. What is most significant, however, is that from the perspective of being here on this world, at this moment, never before in the known history of this world and its inhabitants have the threshold drivers of transition, by which the very future of this world are about to be determined, been within the reach of its inhabitants.
[link to www.historianofthefuture.com]

GENES, BITS, and ATOMS, the kingdom of adam sleeps deeply...
the great singularity...the WALL, is thicker for those who have not completed the foundational work...built on sand, time will erode swiftly...as we are compressed into black hole reality...there are those who are to be grist it would seem and unaware of the sand passing NOW.
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