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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
seems many are going to discount the "virus from HELL"

and they are free too

I am not going to accept any of their products alive


I am aware there are real threats and I am minimizing my contact accordingly

I think most ought to play a game of lets pretend....and consider if this virus and many like it:

H5N1 is worst I C

than H1N1

and more mutations and species jumping is going to occur...diseases common to one of them have already breached the species barrier(I am simplifying this...for laymen as best I can)

big problem

I am also aware of a modern zombie virus that was REPORTEDLY created YEARS AGO...all the zombie movies were inspired by a real occurrence IMHO....and it was germ or bioWAR fare

some collected population areas have been wiped/sanitized...but it could be a comic book as far as most are concerned...

other H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2

likely there are others as well...and it will not get better-people will become immune or they go...and I will gain my immunity via natural selection...they have dosed me enough in my youth and even now they are never ending in their war on the masses...

georgia "guidestones" are their template and they are anal as ever and not at all reticent to destroy even the smallest...

zombie virus...not so far fetched...would NOT be holly WOOD but far worst, one cannot simply burnit one needs to avoid bodily fluids...

HR 3692...forced vaccinations...violating my DNA code is against the Most High...against the HUmans on this earth...and all sentient beings that inhabit this globe

I was telling someone this morning...I wrote a poem...South of Heaven...about 20 yrs ago about a Neon city...south of heaven...bouncing trapezoid triples(high energy waves)...in a hazy sky, scorched

the men were sending signals

the HIDDEN wrapped in masks

Magnetic slag,seismetal is what they were sending...

I use to live in zion....long before I wrote that poem, I lived in ZION at the TIME it was written...Zion north of chicago...but I want to say it is not SOuth of Heaven...but ZION...and one must either ride the wave or walk on water...when the neon signs melt down...

I am not writing that poem here but parts of it...and synchronicity seems to play a large part in my life...throughout

Masks,city south of heaven...are you CCG awaitng magnetic slag and "seismetal"

my word that I used artistically is not based on any real word

that I have seen...

but I strongly encourage consideration

now the rfid will be implanted...even HR 3692 will help LOCK that in...electronic records and very HEAVY files will be traveling through the lines...as AI munches and lunches

Neon city....DARK CITY

LEDs will not bring light in...for the darkness is vast and fills many minds...darkness they know and darkness they keep

Best to take notice of what has befallen many in the kingdom of NOD

Take care hf

change is inevitable...the question is what KIND OF CHANGE...

All choices have consequences-CHOOSE WISELY

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