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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Caution, these are actual voodoo percussionists...actual beat used in RITUALs

I am not concerned for me hearing them but wanted to warn the more easily led as all sound can create or destroy and best to be aware of that-there are different aspects of voodoo or santeria

There is more to it than is commonly known-and I do not play with fires that I do not want to engage, or have no NEED to engage...once certain doors are open, they are open...know that protecting oneself is wise...and testing all spirits that communicate...being able to discern what you are engaging with-

I only sampled parts of this one and did not stay with the 'art', best to be informed and not get MIRED in muck...

However the zombies I am more concerned with are the people who are mutating as I type and the ones exposed to virus that can cause all kinds of dangerous behavioral changes

NO FEAR, just be aware...as I think they already have created it or rediscovered it...

and not Haitian voodoo either...
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