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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Pneumonic plague is more contagious and much more dangerous than Bubonic plague...

It is related to Bubonic plague

However some UK spokesperson is saying it is not Pneumonic plague but a MUTATION of H1N1

but with so many others like H5N1...etc...who can say what will happen. I do know they broke the genomic program of Pneumonic plague-which usually means another "wonderful opportunity" must be utilized...

Seems Moshen was not just a "mental health patient"

He was definitely hit hard with chemicals, EMP, Sonic weapons, and electrical torture....basically and there were 4 gassings

Many have speculated that he could of had a can of spare air in there...I did not see a can of spare air and I watched the whole thing unfold and pulled data to shine a VERY BIG FLASHLIGHT on the corner...

where he took major hits...Some have postulated he was tough

Folks when they throw canisters into your car and it is a little RED BUG...then it pulls the air out of the vehicle and fills with chemical irritants that have a propensity to BURN...eyes, skin, moist orifices...and even lungs...That is what he was up against.

You do not take that just because you are a tough guy I can assure you...

It was over the top

And he was able to identify where Pneumonic plague was being basically RE-ACTIVATED...what does that tell you folks...He identified it about 2 months before it was publicly stated...that they have busted open the genomics of Pneumonic plague

That cannot forbode good happening IMHO as it is clear it was upon discovering Spanish flu 1918 that they took it to the lab and created H1N1...and likely many mutations have been created as well

I say this because normally diseases stick in their specie group and are UNABLE TO JUMP into another...

However, due to specific markers it should have IF it did it naturally-THOSE MARKERS ARE ABSOLUTELY ABSENT AND PROVES TO MANY(MICROBIOLOGISTS/Viral experts...etc) what has happened and that is HOW we ended up here with massive groups standing up AROUND THE WORLD stating it is MANUFACTURED IN A LAB and contrived for what...that is the real question?

If like me it is clear for what, one must then take precautions and become completely informed with truth.

For ones very life could very well de[end on your ability to spit truth in the face of the spitting viper...truth wins even against poisonous venom...

In fact, lies collapse under the weight of truth...

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts."

"What are you, O great mountain?...you shall become a plain; and he shall bring forward the top stone amid shouts of "Grace, grace to it!"

Watch and see...wondrous mysteries once you open your minds eye to truth.

Namaste hf

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