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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
anothers opinion that is very similar to mine...

Hereís what I believe is about to happen:

A created strain of flu is going to be set loose in selected areas to begin with.

As I believe thousands are going to fall ill simultaneously it will be the fear factor needed to bring thousands more in for what they believe is a vaccine that will save them.

Those that want to self-quarantine, or who simply refuse the vaccines, will either be incarcerated in FEMA camps or otherwise disposed.

The vaccines which have not been tested for safety or effectiveness can and will cause harm to many of those receiving the shots, but will be off limits to lawsuits for harm caused.

This will force thousands more in for the vaccinations, out of fear, which are loaded with toxins and pathogens seeking to save themselves from forced incarceration or worse.

At some point in this, we will find out that the foreign troops who supposedly only participated in a mock drill, are not only still here on our soil, but their numbers have multiplied.

Martial law will be declared using the unilateral authority granted the president under the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, which allows the president to declare an emergency even if he is the only person to perceive one.

Foreign troops lack the natural inhibition our own military has about firing on US citizens thatís why they are here. I do not believe this is a mock drill.

I think it is actually the planned strategic placement of foreign troops within the US for an anticipated and planned event.

The vented three story rail cars which are claimed to be nothing more than haulers for large SUV type vehicles would come in really handy here.

Foreign troops and military equipment could be moved further into the country and put in place without anyone ever knowing they were there until they were needed.

Besides, I donít know of any car haulers that need that much targeted ventilation: humans on the other just might.

I feel that there will be several catastrophic events from about mid-August to the end of October and maybe into November somewhat.

At the end of this period, after the American public has been frightened to death, everything will begin coalescing and will culminate at the end of the year.

In the interim: will we see the deaths of thousands upon thousands of Americanís and other peoples around the world, if not millions?

I was curious as to why the WHO would move this flu into a pandemic (phase 4) category when there was no evidence that it was pandemic.

(Two weeks ago, WHO advised nations to stop testing for H1N1 and instead to report trends of flu like symptoms.) H1N1 has been very mild, according to the WHO:

This pandemic has been characterized, to date, by the mildness of symptoms in the overwhelming majority of patients, who usually recover, even without medical treatment, within a week of the onset of symptoms.

Then came the predictions from our government that the flu would probably become much worse this fall.

This indicates to me that a new and more virulent strain has been developed and is set to be turned loose.

I base this on the evidence that the flu was lab created and would not have occurred naturallycombining four unrelated dna strains the statements by the CDC that they had a vaccine within three weeks of the outbreak..knowing that seed stock for vaccines takes at least 12 weeks to develop and several more weeks to mass produce and the orders during the last year of the Bush Crime Administration for Tamiflu which supposedly is the cure or prevention for a flu which didnít exist at the time, at least not publicly.

Whatever has been in the works for several years, if not for decades is about to come to fruition. Grab your hats! This is going to be one bumpy ride!
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