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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
[link to www.knowthelies.com]

[link to www.conspirare.net]

[link to www.unfictional.com]

I watched the REDBUG on the 11th of aug...it was the day my brother in law had to be hospitalized and vented dying 3 days later...UNKNOWN and CREMATED RAPIDLY

Pneumonia first diagnosis...Moeshe was handcuffed but was handled gently indicating he was not your average "mental health" patient which is the first claim...but I was on the trinity thread and observed and commented...he took 4 blasts from chemicals...and then that was after the EMP disabled his vehicle and they even rolled their machine onto his

Volkswagon=FOLKS WAGON....RED....well, it is pretty clear...a 'red threat'sonic weapons were likely also deployed against him and he maintained eye contact with the camera...likely signaled as well...and appeared somehow threatening to the circus surrounding him....he took several zaps from tasers too...and the robots...the whole thing was sublime and terrifying as the man obviously did not use a can of spare air and that is a small car....I pulled the Moeshe link from biotech....and the rest is history...

He warned us 2 months before it was brought out about Baxter in UK and the news(rather dated) that they have cracked the genomics of the PLAGUE

everyone can ignore but to their demise they race unaware...for the lightening has struck and soon there will be no denying what tptb have unleashed-allowed for time...but not infinite time-that is why it shall intensify so much now...they have little time to seal your soul as a perpetual slave to the beast man...machine
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