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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
“The root cause of the incident has been identified. It was due to a unique combination of process, technical and human error in a procedure used for this specific research project in our facility in Austria (Orth).” ? ?”Cross-contamination of commercial product, clinical material or other experimental material has been absolutely excluded. The public health authorities in Austria performed an audit at Baxter's research facility in Austria (Feb. 16) and Baxter's corrective and preventative actions were found appropriate by the auditors. The contamination occurred only during the process for this specific research project for AVIR Greenhills in Baxter's facility. Further details about the process will not be discussed as it is proprietary information.

The company has cited proprietary information as the reason why it refuses to divulge details of the way that the contaminated material could have been produced in its Biosafety Level 3 laboratories where commercial vaccine production and clinical and experimental trials presumably take place under high biosecurity conditions to prevent just such a cross contamination. Can we accept this level of secrecy and this superficial investigation which seemed to just rubber stamp what Baxter had done when the contaminated virus posed a real threat to the health of the general public?

LifeGen.de: Will the contamination in Europe lead to management changes in your company? Brenn-Vogt: No.”

[link to theflucase.com]

[link to www.parlament.gv.at]
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