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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Health Minister has given parliamentary answers that are full of contradictions.

For example, in an answer from May 20th, 2009 to the question: “What is the reason why no information has reached the public yet?”, Alois Stöger said “There was and is no reason to inform the general public about the contamination with the bird flu virus (Influenza A/H5N1) of a material produced for research purposes. There was no danger for the general public.”

But how can the Health Minister claim that there was no danger to the general public when 18 people in Vienna were treated preventatively for the bird flu in hospital and the incident nearly triggered a global bird flu pandemic according to experts and the media?

What do you say to the way WHO changed the pandemic criteria in April 27th loosening them to make a pandemic level 6 declaration possible?

What do you say to the fact that pharmaceutical executives sat as observers on a key vaccine advisory group of WHO that recommended mass vaccinations on July 7th?

It has come to my attention that you are a member of the executive board of WHO, as mentioned above.

Why is this fact not mentioned in your biography on your website? Are you aware that your concealing this fact from the people of New Zealand might give rises to questions concerning whether you are involved in a conflict of interest?

The French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot also concealed her 12 years of employment for the pharmaceutical industry from the French general public? Is this acceptable?

What measures, specifically, have you put in place to ensure that the Baxter swine flu is independently tested? Please list all procedures.

Do you have financial or personal links with pharmaceutical companies that sit on WHO’s vaccine advisory board as “observers”? Have you ever worked for them? Do any of your family? Do you own shares in them?
[link to theflucase.com]
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