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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle Ehud
Post Content
It does break my heart to see, this once great nation reduced because she has turned her back to the Almighty. Contrived, for sure, how else would they be able to make the mark mandatory? Yeah, a thousand shall fall by thy side and ten thousand to thy left, but it shall not come nigh unto you. So, whither we live or die we are His. Interesting to note, do you remember the "Chipsters" Derik Jacobs? I could not find the article, however, he was the first test subject; given he did not receive the mark in his forehand, I believe it was in his shoulder. Nevertheless, when he died, the eye witnesses, one of his friends stated that it was very strange how his motorcyle could have thrown him off in such a mannor. If he willfully received the mark and did not have the seal, I fear he went down and not up:(
May Jerusalem accomplish her warfare and remove both the enemy and the advasary from within her gates!
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