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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Mengele was a sluggard compared to these bent on killing as they claim it will help many-what to turn them into something other than HUman???


Mighty ones are battling right now...and the battle cries shall become much loader as man is flamed by the close battle that will explode shortly...
 Quoting: ShadowDancer

True, very true.

It seems that time has come to put everything on the table, for better, or worse.

I have a memory from a different life, somewhere, some time.

I used to be a geneticist, always looking for ways to "improve" biological life. I have no recollection of what I was working on, but I remember the consequences. I remember them all too well.

The product, whatever it was, was extremely successful... in the sense that it could survive in any environment, and could spread through all biological life forms - people, animals, insects, plants, everything... and so it did.

Once the product was loose, the very grass I walked on became poison for the unaffected. Food could not be eaten, water could not be drunk.

What used to be a single race split into 3 different groups.

The unaffected, the original race, or what was left of it at least, ran underground. They completely separated themselves from their environment. They became self-sufficient in whatever ways they could.

The affected, who remained on the surface, abandoning in disgust all technology. Transformed by the product, as all other life was, they formed symbiotic relationship with everything else. They became a part of one super-organism that formed on the surface. They were all still separate entities, people, animals, plants, but they all shared common understanding.

And then, there were the outcasts, neither here nor there, abandoned by all.

Outcasts were born as unaffected, but leaks would happen, and every once in a while someone in the underground would become affected. There was no cure, and all affected would always be banished outside. Transformed enough to survive on the surface, they could survive, but they could never form symbiosis with their surrounding. They were considered "impure" by all, and they were just left alone to take care of themselves.

Outcasts were the only ones I could feel sorry for. Abandoned by all, they were the only ones who could see the truth - unaffected have never learned their mistake, and affected, though now in different form, and with their different way of life, never understood that they still thought the old thoughts of supremacy. They never learned either.

Everything was different for everyone, and yet, nothing changed. Supremacy, which was once held in high regard in the mind of the race, was now just splintered two ways. The mind of the race itself was splintered, and there was nothing anyone could ever do to put it back together again.

It was a terrible crime the race had brought upon itself, and only one of its remaining three parts could truly understand what caused it.

Long time after this crime, the affected showed me the state of the planet, the splintering of the mind that could never be one again, and I understood. I gave myself to them, and to their trial.

I was sentenced and killed.

That gave me back some peace of my mind, it gave them some relief in their revenge, but what used to be one single mind of a race is still splintered to this very day, and there is nothing anyone can ever do to put it back together again.

Do you see what this story is telling you?

It's not about genetic engineering, and all the dangers it brings. It's about the mind of a race.

The mind of humanity was splintered on purpose long time ago. It has been kept like that ever since.

Don't let them hold you in this state any more.

Recognizing impostors is not difficult. All of humanity, every single human being, shares the same common link to humanity's mind. Impostors don't have access to that link, and they never will.

They've been trying so hard to artificially produce a link of their own, with all the abominations they create every once in a while, but they can't. They've even tried to turn humans into one of their abominations, desperately trying to control the natural link all humans have, but they have failed every single attempt so far. The mind of humanity absolutely refuses to accept their monstrosity.

The problem is this, however - if they can't have you, they will destroy you. Even though they know they will also destroy themselves in the process. They don't care, because they are not alive. They were artificially created themselves, and they are only serving their own creator, just like any obedient robot does. They are simple robots, biological robots, and nothing more.

Even though they walk like humans, and they talk like humans, and they even look like humans, they are not humans themselves, and they can never be.

Now you know everything there is to know. Now you know why you can't negotiate with the enemy, and now is the time for humanity's mind to live free or die.

There is no middle ground in this battle.
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