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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Infiltrators abound even acting as provocateurs or antagonists-many escalating many peaceful protests into violence-do not be baited-it is EXACTLY WHAT WILL MAKE THEIR TOTAL CONTROL EASIER
I read en excellent metaphor some time ago.

It's like a steaming kettle. The fire is on, and humanity has been carefully cooked up. But since there's only so much space in the cattle, some of the steam must be let out. Otherwise, the whole thing would explode right in the cook's face.

In other words, public protests are allowed simply to let people take out their steam. They are completely useless waste of energy, and will never change anything. What people should be doing instead, is silently preparing for the moment of explosion. It's become inevitable now, because the cook is left with no more time to properly prepare the meal. He's been forced into overheating the kettle, and public protests are not releasing enough steam anymore.

The kettle will explode, and the cook is locked up in the kitchen with no way out in sight. He doesn't control the fire anymore, and even if he wanted, he couldn't cool things down. He can only try to add some special ingredients to the kettle, in a futile attempt to slow reaction down. That's where the whole chipping business comes into play.

Chipping and mind-controlling population is a forced move, the cook's last line of defense. If cook had any conscience (or consciousness), he'd actually wish that none of this ever happened.

But he has neither, and even after he's fully inflamed in the kitchen fire, he'll still believe that he is preparing the best meal ever. It's his nature, it's how you can recognize him, and it makes this whole job a hell lot easier (forgive my pun).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 829585

However, there are good cooks and there are great cooks-there are those who think themselves cooks, and fail consistently, with flavors no more than wallpaper paste or tons of slop to create a flavor where it has long been lost-is not the same

-sadly...those kinds are the ones in charge more often than not-it is one thing to be a good leader-but to me if they cannot perform even minimally when they cite others for failure is hypocrisy and not strong leadership in any capacity

(even if they think themselves chefs) they need to relinquish or face the fire of gasoline they threw all over...'the kitchen'

I hope you understand what I mean-broad thinking in computer bits...not really adequate to convey

I wish they would just let natural selection do what it does and stay out of the way-those who will not abide in truth will be their own undoing-it is the nature of energy

and it comes home to roost


take care hf
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