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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

Have an extra pair of glasses available
Have dental work or surgery done before an emergency happens. Don't put things off.
Keep an extra supply of medications on hand.
Keep extra gasoline and a gallon of water in the car.
Keep a sleeping bag and blankets in the car.
Keep at least 5 gallons of drinking water in the house. One gallon per person per day.
Boil water after an emergency situation. - Don't take chances with bad water.
Keep on hand a supply of dried fruits and nuts at least 5 days worth per person.
Have basins or buckets to catch rain water in.
Have a supply of water purification tablets or bleach - plan to boil water otherwise.
Have a good first aid kit.

Water purification kits

1: go away at least 100 feet from the shoreline to get your water
2: Avoid any water that has a greenish tinge. It contains algae and is loaded with micro-organisms. (It is usually found in shallow water)
3: Don't take water from backwaters or stagnant areas.
4: Don't drink water contaminated by wastes from a paper mill. Secure your water from
incoming streams instead.
5: Don't take water near beaver dams or lodges. Diseases from them can make you ill for several weeks.


1: Boiling. Most organisms are killed instantly when water reaches a rolling boil. A one minute boil is usually adequate, except in problems areas or high altitudes.
2: Portable filters, the vacuum operated, portable filters sold at camping shops will produce quality water, but they are slow. Not all filters kill all organisms.
3: Chemicals will release iodine or chlorine are available in tablet form from most pharmacies and camping shops, generally iodine is more effective than chlorine. Neither works well in cold or cloudy water.
4: Boiling remains the most reliable method for treating drinking water.
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