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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I have watched it off and on and so far I am thinking it is real-it is too fluid even for some high end video games my teen plays...and I watched Beowulf(the movie)...and I was really impressed with the CGI-When I grew up we did not waste time on games...and in my later teen yrs-PONG

So I am not a gaming expert but I have researched some claims on a particular game and I am not buying this is a game...empathically-it is REAL world :( ...and from the russian/greek? I think I did comprehend(albeit limited) seemed to be something about an small OUTBREAK and then when the attack happens sounds like..."they are eating, they are drinking"...and someone getting very sick from what they saw...retching...really freaked out...the coat being stolen also makes more sense with this next part I write...

Years ago I have heard...about a particular viral thing developed that turns people into 'zombies' and I am not talking about the movies...also I know there is a mutation in the virus variations...H1N1, H5N1, H3N1 etc...one of them that has a dormant like stage...kind of a death...but not death...and the brain is then infected and some very bizarre changes happen...I do not want to go into it again-I have been over this ground so much in the last several months and it is real but very clamped-as a real panic might ensue

Regardless I have spoken with enough high ranked military in my life to warrant a closer look...this virus was a bioterrorism thing...and I would not be surprised to find it real...but not holly wood style...worst would be my sense-They created MYCOPLASMAS and it was the 1st patented bioweapon...by USA...

If anyone can interpret better please do...

I have also posted it on another thread and challenged and NO ONE has responded...with anything tangible

Take care hf HiGh AlErT

I am not playing with words and I do like to turn a phrase now and then...

[link to i117.photobucket.com]
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