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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
remember the communication problems in florida and out west

This is in a dead zone area outside the house, or so I thought. Right near a metal screen door-type thing, it picked up one bar. Iíve been using the connection for a few hours and it has been pretty stable.

Move the modem more than a few inches from the screen door and the link goes dead again.

óEnd Updateó

I donít know what has happened, but over about the last two days, my Telecom XT mobile broadband connection has become pretty much unusable. The connection manager program shows that I have three out of five bars reception, like it usually does, but the link is extremely unstable and is going dead 30%-40% of the time.

Telecom assures me that nothing has changed on their side, and that this has nothing to do with the issue that took out the entire network south of Taupo a few days ago. I went all the way through their tech support hoops. Theyíre baffled. Iím baffled. Itís a fascinating coincidence, though.

This was never a great area for reception to begin with. So, Iím hoping that this is somehow a reception/reflection issue. But now, no amount of wokfi is enough to make this thing work right. An anti static bag with clothes pegs has yielded the best result so far. Without that clipped behind the modem, no dice, nothing, zilch. Totally dead.

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