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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
12 am dec 31st as it passes it 'zenith' in America

12 am it will be at its height over DC


so I suggest everyone be prepared for the event of a bit too much pu11 from the blue wolf moon...

An eclipse of the moon that night also but americas will not see that-asia will and parts of europe

the symbolism speaks to me and the energies underfoot and OVERHEAD...with the spiral which I infer the stirring of the coffee cup as Dr Mallett has referred to when speaking about time and how we travel through it(time/physicist etc...)

Seems those that practice hidden hand ways will likely be using the energy available that night...

for their own ends and others who are aware need to also direct their focus to sending energy from the Most High on out-the people are close to implosion-and I see axes and hammers brandished against them...shift POINTS are accessible...

under the sign of scorpio-they will be at a much greater disadvantage-alchemical actions will abound under the sign and for those who understand the divinity within-the Most High moves the biggest mountains...the battle ensues.

EQ action and volcanic is highlighted that night especially at the height of the moon-which is at 12 AM directly over DC

Take care and do not overdo the revelry-one needs to not be caught off guard

En Guard...

is best that night...not too much distraction-seems many would pounce on such a night.

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