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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Comms' will collapse
as London Bridges surely fall

Indeed it is several shofars and yet the masses sleep,feeling sullied to the sound of proclamation and deaf to revelations

The pounding of the horses hooves ride the wave of time, ending

the plague of the giants shall surely fall as the cedars have dropped long ago in Lebanon...

Damascus follows the dried Euphrates

as what was spoken long ago is proven true

One can hold fast to that in the turbulent seas ahead

May we survive according to the miraculous magistry of the Most High-for nothing else will work-by grace all things possible

May the many hear the sound-let it resonate their very core-

and let their ways be directed to the right or the left-for no one can abide in both

and let it be more than a measure of contrition but effectively move them beyond that

Take care in all ways-


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