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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I am without power and using a generator for the last few days-most the time the computers are non functional but hooked this up temp to let the rest of the naysayers know-your doubt is about to be resolved

All areas will keep feeling the 'storms' as though the doors of hell have been ripped off

But I would not waste time in worry or fear but prove the character each of us have-now is the time to fortify and hold fast against the bitter WINDS upon us...

The people are far stronger than tptb think and they shall work to break as many down as they can

Do not buy into their fear and their paranoia...knowing these times were warned about long ago and even now as many TRUMPET the warnings many ignore and laugh-as though they are indifferent to what comes next-

Those foolish enough to laugh will not be laughing continually-know the truth-

and make preps NOW and finish them up-in NH we have about 275000 without power-Workcrews from PA are coming up to repair...lines need to be buried and if one can be off grid all the better.

Take care and be strong, realize the divinity within you is greater than the power in the world...disguised under light it is clearly darkness and DECEPTION ready to take center stage-they are preparing the way now to have as many as possible discouraged and overwhelmed by weather and cost...know that is the plan to debase most in their spirit so they are willing to accept their frauds.

Ciao hf
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