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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
They think they can seed clouds and do as they wish...increasing the plasma state of the environment and causing havoc with the weather...

As they went crazy with "broad spectrum antibiotics" years ago and used the SHOTGUN approach OFTEN-so often in fact that they helped to create these super viruses we have now....MRSA, resistant TB, Resistant C Difficile...etc...and even the dosages that were used in the 40 for VD which were only in the thousand or 10 thousand of units to treat it...now is in the MILLIONS!!!

Great job...

or their drug running minions...the ones who packed our kids with heroin and sent their corpses back to the home and family-acting as a courier, albeit dead...so how did this help our society??? Or the govt creating hypodermic syringes to cause drug use to dwindle and then it increased and in the past decades, beyond all understanding...another fix that went BAD!!!

Or patenting Mycoplasmas-the first bioweapon...and tied into Lupus, CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome), Fibromyalgia, and other immune compromised disorders...as they regulate schools to the point of profound ignorance...and promoting homosexuality while more fall through the cracks on academic skills or basic survival skills...somethings is terribly wrong with this picture...

They said they would own the weather and then they said they did...and they do, so what is that telling us by the tragedies we see daily...due to weather alone...daily tragedies
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